A community bulletin board app for easy mobile griping

Blockchalk-1.jpg Blockchalk-2.jpg

As one of the newest additions to the growing spate of crowd-sourced apps for mobile devices, Blockchalk puts user-friendly, location-based bulletin boards in the palm of users hands in over 13,000 neighborhoods worldwide.


Developed by Delicious alums Stephen Hood and Dave Baggeroer of the Institute of Design at Stanford, Blockchalk’s purpose is to restore neighborhood-specific connectivity on a more local level than the kind typically achieved by Facebook and other social-networking platforms, or even search-based classifieds listings like Craigslist.

The program, currently available for iPhone, Android and Palm Pre devices, uses GPS technology to let users post neighborhood tips, lost-and-found alerts, queries and recommendations, random musings, event announcements, social invitations and more onto location-specific digital forums from wherever they happen to be.

Because of Blockchalk’s easy-to-use, commitment-free design—they don’t require a membership or username—users can immediately leave messages or respond (“chalkback,” either publicly or privately), as well as browse posts made by individuals in other neighborhoods.

Support for Blackberry and Nokia’s devices is expected to roll out in the next few months.