Link About It: This Week’s Picks

"Kissing" stars, David Lynch's memoir, a "sexy potato" costume and more in this week's look at the web

1. “Kissing” Stars

Scientists have spotted two massive, super-hot stars twirling into each other about 160,000 light years away. The nearly identical stars are so close together (about 7.5 million miles away from each other) that their surfaces overlap—making them appear as if they’re kissing. If the stars continue on their paths, two outcomes are possible: they will merge together and form a single, massive star in a bright, cataclysmic explosion or they will both be destroyed and create a double black hole. Head to Mashable to view an animation of the kissing stars.

2. 18 Korean Fashion Labels to Know

With fashion powerhouses like New York City, Paris, London and Milan always in the headlines, it’s sometimes easy to forget that South Korea is at the forefront of the style game. Seoul Fashion week recently kicked off and, to get you up-to-date on some of the city’s noteworthy labels, HighSnobiety put together a list of brands covering both apparel and accessories, including PLAC, Eastlogue, Heritage Floss and Stereo Vinyls. View the full list on HighSnobiety.

3. The Surprising History Behind Typographic Symbols

It’s fascinating to think that younger generations will grow up only knowing “pound signs” as “hashtags”—yet, before that, did you know they were actually referred to as “octothorpes”? This continuous evolution of language affects all of us, and it’s the focal point of Adriana Caneva and Shiro Nishimoto’s new book “Glyph.” From ampersands to slashes, interrobangs and manicules, there’s a wide world of typographic symbols outside of the ordinary alphabet and an interesting history behind each of them. Read more surprising facts about glyphs on WIRED, including how pilcrows became outdated.

4. The Richness of “Poor” Places

National Geographic is currently sorting through thousands of submissions to its annual photo contest, but NPR has already plucked out a few of its favorites. From buffalo-racing in Bali to locals laying out on the rooftops of Varanasi, India, each of the selected images highlight the vibrant, charming and complex daily lives of those living in developing countries. And, though they’re often deemed as “poor” nations, the richness and old-world grandeur of these places really stand out when compared to the bland concrete structures of urban cities. View the photos on NPR.

5. Inside an Abandoned Italian Castle

Netherlands-based photographer Martino Segwaard has a penchant for shooting abandoned buildings, and his latest subject happens to be his most beautiful yet. Though he won’t divulge its exact location, the palace-like residence—which prominently bears the words “Non Plus Ultra”—is most likely Castello di Sammezzano located just outside of Florence, Italy. Segwaard’s striking images capture the castle’s beautiful mosaic floors, high vaulted ceilings and intricately adorned archways, which all look pristine—even though the home has been abandoned for over 15 years. See more photos on Fubiz.

6. You’re Probably Wasting Time by Working Late

Just because you worked late into the night doesn’t mean you’ve been productive. And while that might seem obvious, many still fall victim to someone else’s “labor illusion”—or the misguided mindset that someone who’s worn themselves out on a problem has spent more energy. Even the “Effort Trap” (which sways us to value 10 hours of busy-work over two hours of concentrated thinking) persists in the workplace. So if you really want to work smart, try down-sizing your office hours and tackling all the important brainstorming as soon as you arrive in the morning.

7. David Lynch is Working on a Memoir

David Lynch wants to clear up a few things about his life and career, and he plans to do so in an upcoming memoir. He’s teamed up with journalist Kristine McKenna to write the book—titled “Life and Work“—which will be based off a series of interviews with the director’s friends, family and collaborators. “I want to get all the right information in one place, so if someone wants to know something, they can find it here,” Lynch states, regarding all the misinformation that’s been peddled about him throughout the years. The book will make its debut some time in 2017.

8. Hilarious Fake Halloween Costumes

Jeff Wysaski—the prankster behind Pleated Jeans—has spent the better part of the past year placing fake ads around local stores. With Halloween quickly approaching, Wysaski decided to aim his latest antics toward costumes, dreaming up hilariously ridiculous outfit ads and posting them for actual shoppers to see. These include “Sexy Potato,” which comes with a potato tunic and fishnet stockings, and “Afraid of Socks”—an ultra minimalist costume that comes with a simple pair of socks that you’re meant to be afraid of. See the rest of the silly costumes on Fast Company.

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