Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Beastie Boys' cover art, 1927 London on film, the $325,000 burger and more in our weekly look at the web


1. The $325,000 Burger

Researchers in the Netherlands have been working tirelessly to create an entire hamburger’s worth of beef muscle tissue from laboratory incubators. An expensive process, the point of their efforts is to give legitimacy to the research, which is supported by animal rights and environmental groups who see vitro meat as a more sustainable and humane alternative to traditional husbandry.

2. Shanzhai Biennial: MoMA PS1

Summer in NYC means Sundays at MoMA’s PS1. Be sure not to miss this multi-genre project from New York’s art trio du jour, Shanzhai Biennial. Taking a subversive approach to luxury branding and bootlegs, their PS1 project features Chinese model Wu Ting Ting lip-syncing a copyright-circumventing version of Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” in an overtly branded dress laden with misspellings. Look out for more industry-shaking pieces from Shanzhai Biennial in the coming months.

3. It’s a Punderful Life

Mixing farcical wordplay with clever commentary, graffiti artist Hanksy has made a fine career off of the lowly pun. As the artist prepares for his first LA solo show, Hanksy has released a hilarious video with Pharrell Williams and i am OTHER that talks about his obsession with puns and celebrity culture.

4. London on Film: 1927

Ever wonder what London was like before the advent of Pret a Manger and the Gherkin? This color video from pioneer filmmaker Claude Friese-Greene, filmed in 1927, gives a unique first-person perspective of driving throughout the Big Smoke. The contrast of modern and antiquated technologies is stark, as bright red double-decker buses plastered with advertisements zoom past horse-drawn carts over London Bridge. Peering into pre-war London’s streets and landmarks from such a participant’s perspective makes us feel like we’re on our way to Downton Abbey.


5. Unusual Museums

What is a museum, really? We often ask ourselves that question in our coverage of institutions dedicated to pinball machines, planetarium projects and all things banana. The inquiry is also the subject of an insightful essay this week from Network Awesome, the expert curators and fellow collaborators who recently brought us a week of design-related programming.

6. Talib’s Magnum Opus

Born and bred in Brooklyn, rapper Talib Kweli grew to hip-hop fame
alongside Mos Def with Black Star, but truly went global with his 2002
hit “Get By.” Taking a closer look into
just what made the song so damn good, Complex’s mini-documentary
offers insight from those who helped Kweli turn the Kanye
West-produced beat into his own magnum opus.

Album Tacos

7. Created by mashup geniuses The Hood Internet, Album Tacos is just what it sounds like, a
Tumblr devoted to the Photoshopping of tacos onto album covers. The
Photoshopped brilliance extends from Trinidad James’ devoting a
crunchy one to Ricky Ross gazing endearingly at a deep-fried
friend. This is pure internet gold.

8. The Cave

By nature we’re drawn to see inside the lives of those we look up
to, but rarely do these opportunities come around. “The Cave” however, offers a curious, insightful
and rather ominous look inside the den of celebrated design critic
Steven Heller. Directed and edited by Heller’s own son Nicolas, the
short film pans through the cluttered room exposing uncountable
treasures from decades past.


9. Behind the Counter

Record shops are a place of worship for so many, yet so few of them
survive today. To pay homage to their influence and knowledge ,The
Vinyl Factory introduced a new film series where choice shops give a
run down of their top five vinyl releases of the week.
First up we meet Jack Rollo of East London’s impeccable Kristina Records.

10. ONDU Pinhole Cameras

Wood, magnets and a single screw stand behind Elvis Halilović’s line of pinhole cameras. With a range of sizes made to fit everything from 4×5 to 35mm film, ONDU is an example of sustainable, beautiful and naturally crafted technology. Now on Kickstarter, photo enthusiasts can hep Halilović scale production by pre-ordering a camera for themselves.

11. Beastie Boys: The Cover Art

Transcending genres and decades, the Beasties’ impact on music and culture cannot be overstated. With the passing of beloved musician, filmmaker and activist Adam Yauch (aka MCA), many have reflected on the band’s history. In this short video, the artists behind the group’s album covers discuss their artwork, each revealing a unique period in their own history as well as American culture at large. The video is part of a larger tribute to MCA and the band’s visual history from Juxtapoz.

12. Cue the Hue

The tech lighting system and corresponding app from Philips that links your lights to your wireless devices is taking its connectedness to a new level. Partnering with web-works-for-you startup IFTTT, users can create “recipes” for their web and lighting systems. For example, your Hue bulbs may blink blue if it’s going to rain while geofencing technology means your lights turn on before you open the door—all without pulling out your smartphone.