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Logo Wisdom: Ivan Chermayeff

Remembering Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall, the USPS’ long-overdue rebrand, smartphones charged by sound and more in our weekly look at the web

The 82-year-old graphic designer Ivan Chermayeff is credited with some of the most iconic and widely seen logos in the world—from NBC’s peacock to the National Geographic’s gold border graphic. One of the certified godfathers of the field (Yale’s graphic design department was only in its second year when he was a student), when Chermayeff talks, it’s best to gather around and listen. With an expansive exhibit of personal work on at East Sussex’s De La Warr Pavillion, Chermayoff answered seven questions about inspiration, work habits, challenges and the ever-changing landscape of graphic design. His answers are—not surprisingly—packed with applicable wisdom for both budding designers and anyone carving out their own space in a creative field.

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