A dark tune by Fever Ray, groovy sounds by Boulevards and Neon Indian, Mickey Hart and Avey Tare team up and more

Boulevards feat. Neon Indian: Nu Burn Ave (Intercruise)

A clear representation of present-day funk’s power and relevance, “Nu Burn Ave (Intercruise)” balances the signature uptempo edge and thoughtful, self-reflective core of Boulevards (aka Jamil Rashad). Musician and producer Neon Indian guests on the track with riveting harmonies undercut by spoken word exclamations. The track hails from Boulevards forthcoming album Hurtown, USA, out in December.

Fever Ray: To The Moon And Back

The first new Fever Ray (aka The Knife’s Karin Dreijer Andersson) song to be released in eight years, “To The Moon and Back” is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Swedish singer/songwriter/producer. The track is certainly haunting and dark, but its upbeat synth-pop stylings make it accessible. The video is another matter: the NSWF clip includes a fetish-heavy tea party, with Dreijer Andersson brought back to life as a kind of submissive reanimated corpse. Decadent and dark, the video was directed by Martin Falck and is quite mesmerizing.

Rhye: Taste

A third release, in theory, from a still unannounced follow-up album to 2013’s Woman, “Taste” by Rhye makes for a soulful, airy R&B number. Lead singer Milosh delights with a balance of warmth and wonder. The bass line might be the backbone to the track, but there’s magnificent orchestration throughout; it dances about, lending the track a certain brilliance.

Mickey Hart feat. Avey Tare: Wayward Son

A collaboration between two acclaimed sonic experimenters—Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and Animal Collective vocalist and musician Avey Tare—has resulted in a track of unexpected pop beauty, “Wayward Son.” With gentle

psychedelic moments swirling about with electronic pulsation before yielding to twinkling balladry, the song rides forward on Hart’s percussion and Avey Tare’s warm, inviting vocals. The track hails from Hart’s forthcoming solo album, RAMU, out in November.

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