PAPA: If You’re My Girl, Then I’m Your Man

From Miley Cyrus to PAPA, our look back at the songs we tweeted this week

Former drummer for the now-defunct band Girls, Darren Weiss presently holds the drumsticks and the mic for NYC-born, LA-based rock band PAPA. Expanding from a duo to a four-member live set, PAPA kicked off their summer tour by performing in New York and London this week, and will continue to tour the Pacific Northwest throughout July. Keep your eyes peeled for their debut full-length album, slated to come out later this summer. For now, enjoy their most recent single “If You’re My Girl, Then I’m Your Man,” which is more downtempo and expansive than PAPA’s characteristically punchy sound. Ethereal synth-pads uplift Weiss’ crooning baritone vibrato, and the song culminates in an unexpected hardcore rock jamming section.