The Juan Maclean: Love Stops Here

A Snacky Tunes #PrivateJam, San Diego newcomer Swim Team, a '90s dance floor tribute and more in the music we tweeted this week

“We love songs that build, measure after measure—beat after beat. The type of songs you listen to a dozen times in a row to pinpoint the exact turning point from slow burn into a jam. This comes a lot from our years spent as Finger On The Pulse DJs and and now just bleeds over into our favorite songs,” explains Greg Bresnitz of Snacky Tunes, who chose The Juan Maclean’s “Love Stops Here” as this week’s #PrivateJam. The radio show host (who works with his brother Darin) explains, “It starts with that simple syncopation and groove and then builds and builds over the five minutes. This song just stays on repeat these days.”