The xx: Tides (Dixon Remix)

Grateful Dead's "Standing On The Moon," Moderat's "Bad Kingdom," The xx remixed and more in our weekly review of music

London-based label Young Turks commissioned artists from their favorite label du jour, Berlin’s Innervisions, to remix three tracks from The xx’s last full-length release, Coexist. Berlin-based DJ Dixon re-imagines “Tides” as an uptempo club track without losing any of the the original’s dark beauty. A pulsating beat persists throughout, while The xx’s signature guitar riffs carry it through the breaks. In addition to a mesmerizing beat, the video features strangely captivating imagery of what appears to be the inside of a helium ballon being inflated and deflated. For xx fans, this is a great dance-floor-ready version of one of the band’s moodier tunes.