Based on the consistently fresh cuts and minimalist feel, you'd think AMP (A Mulher do Padre) was new to the scene. But the São Paulo-based label known for styles more akin to edgy Japanese brands is in its lucky 13th year already and only recently really beginning to gain ground with the factions they want to convert: 20- and 30-somethings who no doubt take fashion with their caipirinhas.

Each season's campaign merges art, film and fashion so they're indistinguishable from one another. It's a plot conceived by AMP founders Paula Ferrali and Vinicius Campion under the idea of an "anti-brand."

For example, the newest collection is "Venus Flytrap," a continuation of last season's campaign called "Crème Brûlée." The team behind AMP made a video accompaniment featuring only some of the clothes, and we're invited to watch the story as it and the collection unfold. The stories are intensely imaginative, frequently flirting with the line between esoteric and art, but that's not the point anyway. They're there to provide a context for the clothes and vice versa. In other words, one couldn't exist without the other. The project-slash-product erases the line between fashion and consumerism, yet on the other hand creates this make-believe world we want to possibly live in for a moment—or forever.