Just One One-Piece by Apricoss

The ethically-minded independent brand offers a single swimsuit style

Upon a recent visit to one of our favorite online boutiques, Kindred Black, we came across a new brand that only offers a single, sophisticated swimsuit style. That was enough—one look and we were undeniably impressed by ApricossAriana Swimsuit. The deep V, the high cut, the luxe lining, the way the adjustable straps loop around the shoulder edges for a much more exposed back, the color combinations—every detail works its charm in the most subtle of ways.

“I was obsessed with a one-piece red swimsuit that I found online, but it was too sporty,” NYC-based Sophia Syu, the swimsuit’s designer, tells CH. “I decided to take the concept and make it into something more feminine and minimalist. My mood-board was composed of different shapes of surfboards, clearwater beaches, the Sydney Opera House, the Australian coast and feelings of freedom.” Syu’s line Apricoss, takes its name from the English word “apricot” and the Russian word “Aбрикос” [Abricos]. “I wanted something that will portrait sensuality, humanity and softness,” she says. “Both words are used for a round shape fruit of a slightly orange color with a soft suede like texture. Human. Body. Skin.”

What’s also noticeable is that the swimsuit’s all-black colorway is made from Econyl, which is 100% regenerated nylon and polyester fiber from post-consumer materials. Having worked for bigger companies like Marc Jacbos, Syu knew she wanted to focus on quality and promoting ethical fashion with her own brand. “I felt my heart was taken by a new generation of brands like Everlane, Ayr and Reformation. They were inspiring and their products, a perfect combination of quality, price without harming the environment or mankind, made perfect sense of what I want to make.”

Syu’s next move is toward ready-to-wear. Her upcoming AW17 collection, named “38” and launching in September, is designed for “a stronger woman who could withstand all the chaos we live in today,” she says. “In the new season my woman is still effortless and feminine, but has a greater inner strength.” You’ll find raw-cut lamb leather skirts and pants to more abstract floral prints that scream, I know what I’m doing.

Shop the swimsuit at Apricoss online or stockists around the world.

Images courtesy of Apricoss