Baggu Bags


Baggu, a new line of of reusable shopping bags, is our new favorite eco-conscious tote for the gym, groceries or any other lugging. It beats out other similar bags with a few key features.

Firstly, we prefer the shorter double handles to the over-the-shoulder types that are so ubiquitous as of late. We think hand-carrying makes for a more masculine bag and doesn't overburden a girl who's already got a purse slung on her shoulder. And, if you do want to free up your hands, the handles are still big enough to fit over most shoulders as well.

Made of rip-stop nylon (the kind with that pleasing grid woven in), the bags are durable enough to carry bricks if that's your thing. They're also roomy with gusseted sides (so you can carry bulky items too) and they fold up neatly into a four-and-a-half inch square for tucking into pockets or other bags.

Available in a variety of lovable colors, Baggus start at $8 from Baggu.

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