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Bagua Shoes

by Paolo Ferrarini of Future Concept Lab


Walking a mile in martial arts master Bruce Lee's shoes is a dream likely to never happen, but thanks to French label Bagua we can at least put a little Kung-Fu feeling in our step.

Based on the centuries-old iconic design of the elegant and lightweight shoe worn by Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi masters, the simple construction and comfortable fit of Bagua shoes allow for greater harmony between man and environment. Easier movement heightens productivity, improving health and quality of life.

Small details that represent the Taoist philosophy, such as the octagon emblem on the elastic closure and the honeycomb print on the insole, accent the shoe's rudimentary form. The name itself, derived from Ba gua, translates as "eight divine symbols," reflected by the octagon diagram which represents a series of eight interrelated concepts.


Mixing old and new myths, the Bagua mission is to create a stylish shoes that also encourage long walks and profound thoughts. The shoes have just recently become available in stores around Europe and online starting at €55.


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