Banca de Camisetas


At São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW) a kiosk stocked with tees caught my attention. Yet another project that creative team ag407 has its hand in, one of the firm's partners told me that they had come up with the idea to mimic the "bancas" or newstands of São Paulo. The pop-up version at fashion week was based on six other Banca de Camisetas that exist permanently in the city.

Founded in 2002, the concept features a rotating collection of tees by Brazilian high-end fashion designers, artists and graphic designers are packaged into neat rectangles and lined up along shelves like magazines. During SPFW there were several standout designs from some of the more well-known designers, like Rio-based multi-disciplinarians Oestudio and Marcelo Sommer's Do Estilista (a new line for the designer, which debuted very successfully at SPFW). Also of note, the collection included several collaborations as part of Fiat's Fashion Innovation campaign, which are still available from the Banca de Camisetas online.