Beat Poet Menswear Fall/Winter 2010


Beat Poet Menswear delivers another thoughtfully minimalist line with their upcoming Fog collection. The line works in tandem with their spring/summer line, Desert, a conceptual approach taken by the Sydney-based designers to produce a full year-round collection.

Desert and Fog take their inspiration from the immense power of the sun and the threat of its demise. Their wide range of influences—ranging from Luc Besson films to Futurist Operas and Germanic military operations—make for a decidedly intellectual fashion experience.


These themes shine through with varying intensity in the Fog line, playing heavily toward the military vein with t-shirt sporting blossoming mushroom clouds and a Germanic D coat hinting at ominous things to come.


Several Australian retailers carry Beat Poet Menswear. Visit the Beat Poet site to find a stockist.

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Other items, like assorted casual button-downs, dress shirts and slacks, etc., offer subtle interpretations. The diamond eye Y-neck pullover is a personal favorite, blending dark overtones with intricate design for an understated look.


A selection of accessories accompanies the line as well, including scarves, pencil ties, bow ties, survival neck flasks and cyanide neck vials amongst the eclectic group.