Maximize Summer Fun with Birchbox Man

We partner with the one-stop online shop to make it shine this season, plus offer readers an exclusive discount

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This month, Birchbox introduces their newest men’s Summer Shop comprised of four seasonal categories—and CH got hands-on with the selection process. After all, summer is all about adventure, and adventures are best when you’re properly—and stylishly—outfitted. From backyards and mountaintops to parks and the beach, Birchbox is the way to get the most out of the sunshine season.

Four years since its inception, Birchbox has established itself as an easy-to-use online hub for grooming, style, home goods and beyond. The site offers two ways to access the always-exciting wonders within: the reasonably-priced monthly service, with which subscribers receive a package to their door featuring tried and tested grooming samples, style accessories and more—each hand-selected by a team who immerses themselves in the best of the best. And the dedicated online shop for men’s offerings, which features exceptional seasonal releases.


Every item within Birchbox’s special summer shop stands noteworthy but a few of our favorite selections highlight what you’ll find inside. The “To the Seashore” category contains solid essentials for your treks to the beach. Keep track of time with the solar powered Quest & Quality watches or make your own morning coffee with Grady’s Cold Brew Bean Bags, all while resting on top of an Nipomo Blanket. If a hike is more your style, the “To the Mountains” series features objects of form, function and fun. Both Maya Solar Bug Repellant and Juniper Ridge Trail Crew Soap will make any excursion more enjoyable. Beyond these must-haves, the Kletterwerks Pilgram Nobel Pouch is quite handy while being exceptionally stylish.

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With the “To the Boulevard” series, Birchbox has organized city-inspired products amid helpful trinkets. The Various Projects Keytags can help organize your ring of Airbnb keys. A Suck UK Reflective Umbrella stands up against summer thunderstorms. And, if your backyard is the perfect place to play, then the “To the Homestead” guarantees the best, from Studio Skinky Playon Crayons for artistic exploration to Falcon Enamelware Mugs for entertaining guests.

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The Summer Shop launched 1 June 2014 and will run through 31 August. With the following Cool Hunting exclusive code, BBMANSUMMER50, Birchbox is offering 50 extra reward points on any $50+ purchase that includes something from the men’s Summer Shop (though this offer is not valid on the monthly subscription). The offer lasts through 31 August 2014. Visit Birchbox Man’s Summer Shop to redeem the offer.

Images courtesy of Birchbox