CH Omakase 2017: Sabah + Fernanda Uribe Shoes

Handmade in Turkey, hand-painted in NYC, these slip-ons are otherworldly

When living in Turkey, Sabah founder Mickey Ashmore developed a fascination with Turkish footwear, which led him to Gaziantep and a collaboration with the craftsmen of one of the oldest family workshops there. The result was a pair of hand-stitched shoes—a modern take on a traditional style. Ashmore wore that first pair back in the United States and began fielding requests from friends who wanted a pair. When Ashmore found the workshop in Turkey they had five employees, now they employ 25+ individuals with more positions opening up.

On the other side of the world, artist Fernanda Uribev grew up in Tijuana—a place that still influences and inspires her artistic endeavors. From installations to sculptures and paintings, her work is diverse and she often uses raw materials (hair, twigs, cotton, dirt, fabric and more) which gives her pieces an organic yet fragile feeling.

Together Sabah and Fernanda Uribe worked on a pair of shoes and the outcome is quite majestic. Handmade in Turkey, and hand-painted by Uribe here in NYC, the slip-on shoes are decorated with white stars and constellations. Earthiness meets outer space in this collaboration—made in an edition of just nine for CH Omakase clients.

CH Omakase is a collection of never seen before, pre-release and collaboratively designed gifts delivered in time for a holiday surprise. You can see our collection from this past season here.

Images by Cool Hunting