Run in Style with Ciele Athletics’ GoCap

Montreal's handsome contribution to functional, performance running gear


As the interest in functional, well-designed sports gear continues to grow, many forward-thinking brands are moving in parallel; delivering just what you need to perform at your top level—or at least look like an athlete. The latest to take on the specialized area of apparel is Montreal’s Ciele Athletics. With a direct focus on performance and protection, the brand launches today, 15 August 2014, with a single product: the GoCap. The technical hat is designed specifically for running, yet still “wear-worthy,” which is a solid indication of where founder Jeremy Bresnen will take the label in the future.

Though the intent behind the brand doesn’t stop at form and function, Bresnen wants to encourage the creative aspect of running above all. “Sports in general tends to focus on metrics. How fast? How many? How strong? How much? These are obviously important, but we also know that the reason we do these activities is because we love to do them—because they inspire us in our daily life,” explains Bresnen. “And very often, they get the mind moving creatively as much as the body moving physically. There’s an art and a creative aspect to movement. We really hope we can help remind people of that. Maybe we’ll be asking ‘How?’ as much as we ask ‘How Fast?”’

ciele-hat-1.jpg ciele-hat-2.jpg

The GoCap is made of high-performance (and playfully colored) moisture-wicking materials and features UPF +40 sun protection on the front panel and brim, reflective labels for increased visibility and interior perforations for added ventilation, making for a hat that’s as functional as it is fun. As the brand grows, running will continue to be the main area of interest for Bresnen—his literal top down approach will surely deliver more technical running apparel. Though additional product introductions surely won’t happen until next season. “Some things I’ve had drawn up in my sketchbook for the last decade or so will slowly and carefully make their way into our line-up,” reassures Bresnen. “We’re really not rushing this though.”

Visit Ciele Athletics to see the fresh collection of GoCaps, which sell there for $45.

Images courtesy of Ciele