Confettisystem Party Supplies and Jewelry

by Nicole Schlomann


Pals Julie Ho, Nick Andersen and Karlo Bello enjoyed decorating their friends' parties so much, they decided to create party goods of their own. Their line Confettisystem takes classic celebration staples and putting a stylish spin on them, the completely handmade line is a mix of jewelry pieces and party supplies inspired by, among other things, "plastic bags, hippies in Kauai, wish trees, and lei-making."

Along with their pretty pastel knotted necklaces and glittery party banners, the design team offers up colorful confetti, as well as metallic silk and leather blindfolds for piñata bashing. Their custom diamond-shaped piñatas, fringed with delicate colored paper and filled with brilliant confetti, candy, and curly ribbons, are the most eye-catching pieces in this collection of grown-up party goods.

Necklaces are available at NYC's Opening Ceremony, contact Confettisystem to inquire about piñatas.

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