Cool Hunting Video Presents: Nice Collective

San Francisco fashion designers list the influences behind their masculine, military-inspired collection

Fashion label Nice Collective was started by self-described “nice guys” Joe Haller and Ian Hannula shortly after the two met at a club in San Francisco in 1995. Inspired by music, art, technology, performance, reptiles and spiders, science, Ian’s military experience and the San Francisco scene, the two set out to create experiences for themselves and their friends. Clothing quickly materialized as a core component of that desire, and since their first collection in 1997 Nice Collective has earned its place in the hearts and closets of those who make style their own. Its military and masculine influences combine with true innovation in cut, fabrication and material, aged ever-so-nicely.

We caught up with Joe and Ian at the launch event for their Spring 2009 collection, “Voix de Ville,” their first New York show. We experienced the “Time Machine” Fall 2009 show, also in New York, and capped it off with a visit to their San Francisco compound—where their home, office, studio and showroom inconspicuously house some of the freshest, unique and most exciting clothing and accessories being created today.