Côte et Ciel Fall ’09


With its alien-like profile, Côte et Ciel's new Laptop Rucksack looks like the latest fashion-forward futurist accessory. Its thoughtful and practical design, on the other hand, both works for laptop-toters and, thanks to the large expandable exterior pocket, transitions easily to a weekend duffel with enough room for all your travel essentials.

A well-placed posterior pocket secures and protects laptops during a commute or longer hauls. The rucksack solves the weight displacement issue that comes from cramming all of my essentials (iPod, Blackberry, wallet) into one top zipper pocket, I especially appreciate the convenience of multiple interior pockets.

Using premium materials, including recycled PET bottle fabric, durable cotton canvas and premium microfiber, this season also introduces a messenger bag version.


No stranger to laptop sleeves, Côte et Ciel makes theirs from high-grade neoprene, free of zippers or any other unnecessary bulk. (Four out of four CH editors use one.) Their recent collaboration with British artist Jon Burgerman brings his montage of whimsical creatures to their sleeves and a couple other products.

The other stand-out item in the new collection combines wallets and phones into one on-the-go item. Integrating a slim pocket into the minimal design, the microfiber pouch feels soft to the touch (though it does make pulling it out of certain pants pockets tricky) and holds cards, cash and other essentials, in addition to protecting phones with little bulk.

The Côte et Ciel's Laptop Rucksack and iPhone Pouch will debut soon on their site for purchase. Pick up their collaborative laptop sleeves now at Burgerplex for just under $60.