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ÉCOLE Schools Men on Style

The new e-retailer makes fashion easy with mix-and-match essentials and foolproof classics


While style comes naturally to some, very few would turn down the help of a professional stylist—even if just to lock down a cohesive everyday look. Menswear e-retailer ÉCOLE wants to make that stylist experience accessible to all by creating an immersive, yet easily-navigable shopping experience that helps men create a tailored wardrobe full of dependable basics and essential classics—all without having to step outside. The company’s founder and CEO Jorge A. Cosano tells CH, “We want to change the way men discover and buy fashion online, and that means we have to build real solutions that minimize the challenges men have with traditional e-commerce experiences: concerns with fit, overwhelming shopping experience, over assortment, etc.”

ÉCOLE simplifies the shopping experience by stripping away the overabundance created by trend, concentrating instead on choice staples that work season after ever-passing season. It’s a solution to a problem that’s even more present in ÉCOLE’s digital realm, as online shopping presents an insurmountable burden of inventory and choice. In fact, ÉCOLE goes a step beyond by cultivating relationships with a limited number of brands, with pieces from each selected based on their flexibility in the everyday wardrobe.


“From a product standpoint, we are focused on the designers who are embracing the modern design mentality of mixing high and low. There is a new class of designers that are designing for the reality of how guys dress today and we want to champion them. We’ve seen a sharp ascent of luxury sportswear is happening along with a general decline of more formal dressing. Men don’t have to wear suits and ties to work anymore. The idea of ‘work wardrobes’ and ‘weekend wardrobes’ is a dated concept that no longer applies. We want to align with the brands that understand this new paradigm,” Cosano continues. Currently brands stocked by ÉCOLE include Public School, Siki Im and Common Projects, in addition to exclusive collaborations with Richard Chai and Patrik Ervell.

However it’s ÉCOLE’s delivery that really makes the new e-retailer special. Instead of depending on the “grid” model, which forces shoppers to envision each garment without the context of an outfit or wardrobe, ÉCOLE assists shoppers by presenting a vertical “Ensembler,” in which users can mix-and-match outfits by swiping through jackets, T-shirts and pants until they find their perfect outfit. ÉCOLE also offers pre-assembled recommendations, making that perfect go-to outfit just a click away.

Check out ÉCOLE‘s premiere collection, available now.

Images courtesy of ÉCOLE


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