Geometric pendants subject to the elements by a Barcelona-based designer

by Ikechukwu Onyewuenyi


The ethereal yet down-to-earth ethos behind Emedemarta—Dreamt. Made. Loved—guides Barcelona-based designer Marta Marginet in creating her enchanting line of hand-carved jewelry. Her simple aesthetic has garnered somewhat of a cult following for its combination of a delicately feminine sensibility with the angular feel of the geometric pendants.

emedemarta-triangle-bar.jpg emedemarta-rectangle-vert.jpg

From brass rectangle charms that form a natural patina over time to sanded oak, triangle lavaliers that are also subject to the elements (air, human touch, humidity), Marginet achieves this subtlety beyond the crisp, architectural lines by approaching each piece with a handmade intimacy similar to a love-token. All works are hand-cut or welded, with additional accents, including sanding, painting, or varnishing, also rendered by hand. Such individualized, manual processes give Emedemarta a distinctly organic beauty.


Visit the Emedemarta website to see more and shop the collection online.

Images courtesy of Emedemarta