Dasshen Jewelry

Organic shapes of sterling silver by a Barcelona-based designer

Dasshen-jewelry-1.jpg Dasshen-jewelry-2.jpg

The delicate sterling silver pieces by Barcelona-based jewelry designer Nathalie Jaggi, from slender leaves and flower petals to tiny spherical beads and geometric striped plates, find inspiration from a surprising and far-flung range of sources across several continents. “I have always collected, and been smitten by, vintage objects,” says Jaggi. “My house and studio are filled with unusual items…I find inspiration in their details, using the patterns and shapes to reinvent them into jewelry pieces.” For her line, Dasshen Jewelry, whose name is meant to signify a spirited sense of style, Jaggi has gradually expanded her influence, exhibiting at street fairs throughout Europe.

In her quest to keep up “that playful touch,” Daggi combines her innate sense of whimsy with a talent for translating such objects as old tractors strewn among the green hills of upstate New York, and mid-century heaters found at junk shops in Barcelona’s Old Quarter. Dasshen’s understated feminine character lies in its impeccable detail, like the unique necklace clasps designed to highlight the distinct silhouette of a woman’s neckline.

Dasshen-earrings.jpg Dasshen-earrings-2.jpg

Men should take note: Jaggi tells us she’s got a line for you coming soon. The pieces are available through Dasshen’s online store, with prices ranging between €26-€97