Faris Jewelry

Minimal brass accessories referencing '90s hip-hop and mid-century modernism


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest one must find ways to deal with days spent inside due to the dominating rainfall that blankets the region. As a child, Faris Du Graf found herself drawn to design during such times, thanks to her family’s furniture business. “Alver Aalto and Mies van der Rohe were household names,” recalls Du Graf. After studying architecture and working for a design firm Du Graf left corporate architecture behind to launch Faris, a line of jewelry inspired by modernism, music and her life in the city.

Faris-ladynuckles.jpg Faris-earwings.jpg

Now a resident of the Bay Area, Du Graf hand forges and finishes each individual piece in her modest Oakland studio. “I’m a girl that grew up on hip hop and good design—both of which are huge elements of inspiration for me,” Du Graf tells us. Even from a quick glance one can get a feel for such design references in Faris. From the perfectly minimal Ladyknuckles to the brightly accented Arrow necklace, the debut collection comprises considered and versatile “pieces of architecture” that look equally well paired with jeans and a T-shirt as they do with a black dress.

Faris-Arrow-necklace.jpg Faris-ladyknuckles-standard-necklace.jpg

When it comes to materials Du Graf often leans towards brass for its distinct aesthetic and malleability, as well as other materials collected from travels near and far. Everything from reclaimed vinyl record shards and vintage Czech glass to brilliant jade and lapis beads can be found in her varied jewelry. The conscious use of often rare materials only adds to the aesthetic value of each unique piece.

Having launched earlier this week, the freshman collection from Faris is now available online. Rings and earrings run between $65-$98, while larger statement pieces sell from $135-$310.

Model images by Babak Gholamhossein, all others courtesy of Faris