Gräf & Lantz Accessories

by Julie Wolfson


Los Angeles-based design studio Gräf & Lantz is launching several new projects at this year's ICFF in New York, including geometric-patterned ottomans and their handmade, leather and embossed felt tote bags.

Founded by Holger Gräf and Daniel Lantz, the duo create products that combine Holger's love of modern lines and structural aesthetics with Daniel's Japanese-influenced ideals. Their east-meets-west and ancient-meets-modern style of design is a perfect match for the functional wool felt and other biodegradable materials used in their designs.

When searching for the perfect tote, both good looks and functionality are important. The Holger Gräf Jaunt totes have both in spades, by fusing zig zag stitching with colorful 100% merino wool felt panels and luxurious leather for a fresh, minimalist look.


In addition to totes and ottomans, Holger Gräf's new series of home accessories, including items like pillows and bowls, also utilize their sturdy combination of felt and leather.


Catch a glimpse of the new products at the Holger Gräf booth at the ICFF (through tomorrow 19 May 2009) or join the mailing list to stay informed of when the felt and leather goods will be available for purchase.