Ghana’s Kantamanto Market at the Center of “Obroni Wawu”

Located in Accra, Ghana, Kantamanto Market is the largest second-hand apparel market in West Africa—and it’s brimming with clothes from North America, the UK, China, Korea and Australia. It’s partly “waste management” for those countries (and has a devastating effect on Ghana, as tons of this clothing is unusable and becomes landfill), but it has also “helped popularize the term ‘Obroni Wawu,’ which directly translates into ‘Dead Man’s Clothes.'” Stylists, creative directors, models and various others have come to rely on the market for access to designs they wouldn’t ordinarily find and are “championing a fashion culture that is unique to the West African nation.” It attests to the way Ghanians are attempting to transform a waste problem into a fashion revolution. Find out more from the stylists who are pioneering the style at Dazed.

Image courtesy of Christian Saint for Dazed