Kypris, Holistic Skincare in a Bottle

Six lightweight serums and potent face oils made from plants and mineral actives


The latest holistic skincare line to cross our path is Kypris, coming by way of Scottsdale, Arizona. With six plant- and mineral-based products in the line (three serums and three elixirs, or face oils) it’s not difficult to become enamored with the product, once you get past the slightly frou-frou labeling (on the bottles, “love” is written as the first ingredient). Without the ability to test each and every item, we selected a serum and a similar elixir for review.


The extremely light Antioxidant Dew is an ideal offering for city folk who are exposed to pollutants and environmental stress on a daily basis. Drying instantly, the serum hydrates efficiently without leaving behind a thick residue or lingering fragrances, helping to further forget that you’re wearing anything at all. Upon waking up in the morning, we found treated skin to be noticeably less irritated and feeling well balanced—soothed and refreshed while not too oily—thanks to the roses, algae, oats and a boatload of phospholipid-encapsulated antioxidants. All of which helps the serum instill a bit of courage and persuasion to walk out the door with a little less makeup and little more bare skin.

“Women get a pretty raw deal when it comes to beauty. The marketing speaks to us like we’re morons and basically attempts to sell us on filling some other non-related need or fixing something that isn’t wrong with us. The crazy part is quality skin care is really important. Just living and being exposed to the elements we could all use some great topical care,” founder Chase Polan tells CH. “Psychologically and spiritually there are studies that show caring for yourself by creating beautiful experiences is immensely beneficial both to our outlook and to our biology. So with this in mind, it is my hope that when patrons experience KYPRIS they recognize that these are tools for exquisite self care that nourish us inside and out.”

For those wanting something more potent, Kypris’ Beauty Elixirs are where the ingredients work even harder. Beauty Elixir I, for example, contains the essential oil of 1,000 organic Bulgarian roses—and smells like it does, too—not to mention yeast-derived CoQ10, pomegranate seed extract, prickly pear seed oil and Vitamin C ester, among other ingredients. In contrast to the water-based serums which penetrate the skin better, the oil-based Beauty Elixirs are thicker, and work to nourish and protect the surface of our skin.

Made in the USA and cruelty free, Kypris serums start at $55 while the more labor-intensive elixirs sell for between $150 and $225. All product can be purchased online. And, if the price seems a bit daunting, rest easy knowing that one drop of the serum we sampled went a long way, meaning you’ll surely get your money’s worth.

Lead image courtesy of Kypris, all other images by Cool Hunting