Laura Lobdell Jewelry

A silver-cast hospital bracelet, bitten candy heart and cigarette butt for an unsentimental Valentine's Day

laura-match-intro.jpg laura-match.jpg

For Valentine’s Day jewelery designer Laura Lobdell, known for casting found objects like champagne corks and matchsticks in silver, created four new pieces, which each come accompanied by hand-painted cards.

A more gritty version of Margiela’s hospital bracelet, the Four Letter Love Cuff says “I found you and you have made a big impression on me!” An immortalized cigarette butt reads “You are the one, no ifs ands or butts about it.” Another favorite, the candy heart with a bite taken out of it, becomes a sweetly abstract charm.

laura-lob-2.jpg laura-lob-1.jpg

For those in NYC, visit Laura’s petite store filled with charming little trinkets, or order online from her website.