Wood Links


In a dramatic departure from her delicate china Stain tea cups, British designer Laura Wood’s latest project is all about big, chunky and funky jewelry. Working with sheets of plywood and a laser cutter, Laura has been having fun with geometric patterns inspired by the joining mechanisms of her drawing board.

Laura says that this project focuses on reduction of material wastage; by using the laser cutter to make concentric plywood forms the most is made out of the wooden sheet. Even the spacers are made from the remaining material in the center.

The links can be used to create various accessories such as rings and single and multiple chain necklaces. We love this big statement jewellery with the neon highlights contrasted with the dark lines created by the burn of the laser cutter. Get linking. Starting at around £15 and going as high as £150, contact Laura directly (heinzmeanzbeanz [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk) for stockists.