Mack Weldon Pima T

Simple T-shirts made with ever-so-soft 100% Peruvian Pima cotton

Mack-Weldon-Pima-T-navy.jpg Mack-Weldon-Pima-T.jpg

Taking a step away from undergarments, while staying firmly in the basics category, Mack Weldon today introduces their Pima T-shirt. Made of 100% Peruvian Pima cotton—known for its extremely soft touch—the crew and V-neck T-shirts have been enzyme washed to accentuate the supple texture and lend the cotton a real solid, clean finish. Additionally, the slim fit and thin collar are nice touches, making the shirts even more wearable on their own without being mistaken for a flimsy undershirt. The availability of six colorways helps here too.


While boxers and undershirts are still the brand’s bread and butter, today’s introduction of the Pima T—and soon to launch long-sleeve version—may foreshadow further exploration of what makes up the men’s basics category. For now though, find the Pima T-shirts for $32 alongside a colorful selection of undergarments from Mack Weldon online.

Images courtesy of Mack Weldon