Malin Henningsson’s “Jocalia æris”

The Swedish designer debuts her handmade jewelry, which is both tough and delicate

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“Materials that are biting and fighting, delicate detailing and dramatic tension,” are, according to young Swedish jeweler, Malin Henningsson the hallmarks of her work. It’s an exciting and bold description of her debut collection—a pitch-perfect balance of raw, native Swedish minerals and fine geometric lines in intricate metal work. Henningsson’s handmade jewelry line is very structural, verging on architectural; the designer cantilevers voids of metal together with fine, taut, pluckable wire and spans chasms with cables and struts.

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The designer trained at Stockholm’s Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design—studying jewelry art and textiles—before embarking on a multidisciplinary journey which has seen her take on art, fashion and jewelry. The first collection, “Jocalia æris,” sees Henningsson source her minerals, marble and stone from across Sweden, each piece coming with its own detailed description of the stone it features. Often strung onto a small girder of gold-plated brass, these stones provide a real play-off against the polish of the brass—each delicately cut into a small deliberate shape; like a minute stone punctuation mark. Perhaps this is why each of the pieces in the “Jocalia æris” (Jocalia being an old term for jewel, traditionally applied to those a married woman might call her own), is named like a strange punctuation glyph.

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There are plenty of indications that Henningsson will soon unveil an art line and there’s little doubt that it will be an equally powerful effort if “Jocalia æris” is anything to go by. For now though, her jewelry is available at her online store with prices starting at $100.

Images courtesy of Malin Henningsson