Matt & Nat Vegan Handbags


When people picture a vegan handbag the last thing they think of is something with a luxurious feel or look. Thanks to Matt & Nat, the stigma of vegan products only being suitable for hippies and environmentalists is quickly dissipating with their designer handbags each made from up to 55 recycled plastic bottles.

Started in 1995 by Inder Bedi, Matt & Nat were producing fashionable vegan goods before being green was fashionable. The company maintains a realistic point of view and more importantly understands human nature—although making accessories admittedly produces greenhouse gases their philosophy is that people will continue to buy bags, so better to provide an option that's better for the environment. Bedi personally visits all the factories four times a year to inspect working conditions. In addition to all that good work, Matt & Nat cooperate with Dress for Success to ensure old bags are recycled and put to use by those less fortunate.


The accessories are geared toward both women and men, and include a range of evening clutches, shoulder bags, laptop bags and messenger bags. They are available for purchase at high-end stores such as Fred Segal, Holt Renfrew, Saks, Nordstrom and online at Matt & Nat starting at $80 and topping out at around $300. Check out the rest of their extensive line at Matt & Nat .