Minor Variety T-Shirts


by Andrew Potash

In an era when the t-shirt market is saturated with all-over prints and every company has an "artist" collaboration, it's refreshing to see the La Jolla, CA-based label Minor Variety take it back to the basics. The visionaries behind the brand were tired of tees acting as billboards, yet wanted a shirt with a little more flare than a plain tee. Minor Variety's basic crew necks and Vs feature hand sewn pockets and details made from an eclectic range of prints collected along their travels.

The "Purps" is a stylish color combo featuring a grey v-neck with a purple houndstooth pocket (above right), while "Holiday in Cambodia" is a nod to the summer months, a lavender tee with tropical palm tree print pocket (above left).

All the shirts are limited to 25 pieces so you won't see anyone else wearing the same one, another one of the creators pet peeves. With no logos or labels, celebrate your brand independence with Minor Variety this holiday season. Contact minorvariety [a] gmail [dot] com for more info.