Mirth Provisions Drift Sublingual Spray

Available in four flavors, a fast-acting blast of THC and fresh breath

Cannabis purveyor Mirth Provisions, out of Washington, has recently released Drift, a line of sublingual cannabis sprays. Built for ease of use, quick activation, and discretion, Drift is a convenient alternative for non-smokers to enjoy the effects of cannabis without the long activation wait and uncertain dose of edibles.

The sleek, mascara-sized spray bottle contains 100 milligrams of THC, and emits 1.6 milligram per spritz, meaning that five to six sprays under the tongue will deliver an average dose for a regular user; more casual users can get up to 20 light doses from each bottle. Activation comes on within a few minutes, as advertised by the product. However, it’s difficult to avoid swallowing traces of it, which means a stronger effect may come on an hour or so after the initial dose; casual consumers should take note and treat it similarly to an edible, giving it some time before taking more so as not to accidentally overdo it.

Drift comes in four surprisingly pleasant flavors, each with its own strain—a minty sativa, a peppery cinnamon hybrid, and a zesty lemon indica, plus a cranberry CBD. The retail price varies from state to state, but averages around $33 to $40. It’s currently available at dispensaries in Arizona and Washington, and will soon be released in Oregon.

Images courtesy of Lawrence PR and Mirth Provisions