National Geographic Photographer Andy Mann and Zodiac Collaborate on a Dive Watch

Called the Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation, this blue-hued automatic timepiece fuses marine and everyday influences

Though the inner workings remain mostly the same (it’s a retro-shaped 44mm-wide steel case filled with an in-house Swiss STP 3-13 automatic movement boasting 44 hours of power reserve) this Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation proves noticeably different. The watch brand tapped National Geographic photographer Andy Mann for the collaborative new piece, and the result balances the beauty of the deep sea with the subtlety and elegance of an everyday timepiece—one that just happens to work even when submerged up to 1000 meters.

“The Super Sea Wolf 68 combines my authentic love of diving and classic style,” Mann tells CH. “I already loved the original that celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, but the new collaboration that I helped design is the ultimate reflection of my personal style combined with my love of the ocean. Zodiac was a dream partner and allowed me to add personal touches to this watch so that I could wear it when I’m diving, when I’m traveling, or anywhere in between. I wanted to create a timepiece that at first glance reminded you of the serenity and importance of the ocean, and was classic enough that it could be passed down to future generations.”

For $2295, buyers receive the blue-hued watch with a stainless steel three-row bracelet standard (a first-ever for this style) and a pair of additional blue bands. Inside the limited edition hardshell case—which is made of 50% recycled plastic—a diver’s logbook, a strap-changing tool and a signed miniature shark print are arranged alongside the watch.

“I traveled to Switzerland and worked directly with the designers for about 14 months to design this watch, and really challenged them to break tradition so that I could add some personal touches,” Mann continues. “There are a lot of little details, like the dial color degrading from light to dark to reflect what divers call ‘God’s Light,’ adding a shark fin to the indices, or the engraved caseback with a photograph I took of a White Tip Shark that make this limited edition so special. Even more than the design details what makes it incredibly personal, though, is how it ties back to my passion: raising awareness about the ocean and preserving its inhabitants.”

Another integral part of this collaboration is Zodiac‘s commitment to assisting SeaLegacy, an ocean conservation organization founded in 2014 that uses the work of significant photographers and videographers to promote awareness around endangered species.

“Sea Legacy was co-founded in 2014 by esteemed photographers Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier and we decided to use our collective influence to create a platform where we could share our mission about creating meaningful change to protect the ocean and its species,” Mann tells us. “SeaLegacy’s mission is to inspire immediate ocean conservation actions through powerful, visual storytelling. When I first met with Zodiac, one of the oldest and established dive watch companies, it was clear both parties wanted to do the work; right away Zodiac has dedicated their next steps to joining SeaLegacy in this mission. I’m proud to announce that Zodiac is co-funding our 2019 expedition to East Timor’s coral reefs where we will photograph, video and study the endangered species there.” It’s fitting that Zodiac launches this news alongside this iteration of the Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation, which includes design nods to Mann’s conservation work.

“Much of my work is dedicated to traveling around the world to photograph, tag, and study endangered species, such as the White Tip Shark. After drawing the White Tip’s fin on paper, the Zodiac team was able to then use my sketch as the 12-hour index on the dial, and the etching of a White Tip on the back of the watch, which is pulled directly from one of my photographs.” This is the signed print that’s available within the packaging of each watch.

“From day one, Andy shared his passion about Sea Legacy and his commitment to ‘doing the work’ that really matters as our ambassador,” Zodiac’s Hacker Plotkin says. “He made it clear that he could use his platform to spread awareness about ocean conservation and the change we could make if we worked together. Zodiac and Andy are proud to do something—to truly go and do the work versus merely talking about it.”

The Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation will be available on Zodiac’s website on 24 October.

Images courtesy of Zodiac