Nike Four Guardians and Tech Pack Series


I haven't bought a pair of Nikes in a long time, but new releases coming this fall, including the Tech Pack and Four Guardians series, have me reaching for my wallet.


A collaboration with Horitaka (an apprentice of Japanese tattoo sensei Horiyoshi III), Nike SB recently announced the Four Guardians series. At the heart of both Chinese and Japanese mythology are four spiritual animals, each representing a cardinal direction, season and color—the turtle (North, winter, black), dragon (East, spring, blue), phoenix (South, summer, red) and the tiger (West, fall, white). Following this theme SB will release four different shoes in four consecutive seasons. First up is the white tiger, a Classic SB in white with black details and the animal on the insole.


The newest and my favorite release under the Nike Tech Pack umbrella is the reintroduction of the bouldering/approach shoe, Air Okwahn. Versatile and incorporating some more advanced materials like sticky rubber, the rugged design has a low profile making it at home on rock or concrete. Be sure to check out the Tech Pack Jackets, as they're on-point too.

Both sneakers should be in stores next month.