Bold, Graphic Swimwear from Orlebar Brown and Marcello Morandini

The Italian sculptor's capsule collection of monochromatic prints

With the amount of mileage many men get out of their swimsuits in the summer months, it only makes sense when adding to the rotation to pick one that’s top quality and of lasting style. That’s exactly what defines the new Orlebar Brown + Marcello Morandini capsule collection. The brand, founded by photographer Adam Brown in London back in 2007, has pioneered a new wave of tailored trunks for men—all the while collaborating seasonally on innovative designs. This latest collaboration features the geometric, monochromatic graphic work of the Italian sculptor and designer Marcello Morandini. Each design was adapted from his paintings, inspired by architecture. And it’s a perfect fit: eye-catching, personality-laden, and distinct but not over the top.

The collection features four unique patterns, divided across two styles. Their medium length Bulldog silhouette comes in both a Black Struttura and Navy Drawing Print. Their shorter length Setter silhouette is offered in both a Navy Disegno and Black Pannello print. All of the suits feature Orlebar Brown’s signature flourishes and finishes from engraved side fasteners for adjusting the waist to quick drying 100% polyamide fabric. But on the surface, these are striking wearable artistic works from a master creator born of the Italian Futurism movement.

Peruse and purchase Orlebar Brown + Marcello Morandini capsule collection online, with prices between $275 and $280.

Images courtesy of Orlebar Brown