Testing the Orlebar Brown SnapShorts App

Create a top-quality bathing suit from an image you've captured

Furthering their commitment to the world of photography, swimwear brand Orlebar Brown recently released an app, SnapShorts, that lets anyone turn their photographs into swim trunks. Within SnapShorts, one can select a photo they’ve taken, choose how it lays out on the shorts and then order immediately. It’s a four-step process toward an entirely unique pair. The brand has been printing photography on their high-quality swimwear for a while now, and this makes for a next natural step—granting customers even more control (but maintaining all the features we love: quick-drying, 100% polyamide fabric; engraved side fasteners; fantastic fit and European manufacturing).

For our suit, we snapped a picture of an old traditional Japanese Furoshiki wrapping cloth, then laid it all out on the suit, ultimately choosing to forego the lotus flower image. The results certainly lived up to expectations. And while we chose to take an image of something more graphic, the options here are as limitless as one’s imagination and ability to take a photo.

Download the Snapshorts app for free, at the iTunes app store or from Google Play. A completed bathing suit retails for $595.

Images by Josh Rubin