Paul Weil for Seize sur Vingt

Vibrant limited-edition swim trunks inspired by 1950s Mediterranean style

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Founded on the principles of bespoke tailoring and a superlative attention to detail, NYC’s Seize sur Vingt makes men’s and women’s apparel with a penchant for elegant fabrics and classic colors. To step away from the confines of subdued hues, the young brand adventurously called upon NYC-based artist Paul Weil to design an exclusive range of swim trunks. As a stand-alone release apart from the major seasonal collections, the newly launched suits offer the perfect breath of fresh summer air.

Drawing inspiration from his paintings, as well as Mediterranean fashion of the 1950s and ’60s, Weil created two colorful prints called “Peacock” and “Vision.” Each offers a playful splash of color in the repeating patterns, while the Seize sur Vingt-designed houndstooth shorts anchor the collection together with a bold graphic.


The label printed just 60 meters of each fabric for a limited run. The quality in the low-quantity line is ensured by production in a modest factory in central France.

For more information on the collaboration trunks visit Seize sur Vingt directly where they go for $140 each, otherwise have a look through the slideshow for a closer look at the details of these slim-fitting shorts.