Seize sur Vingt + Lime Rock Park

A night of cars and couture with a special edition driving shirt fit for on and off the track

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New York atelier Seize sur Vingt is renowned for its craftsmanship and attention to detail. Specializing in tailored shirts and suiting, the esteemed label is not afraid to boldly experiment with design and fabric, while staying true to its quality-centric roots. The brand recently partnered with racing venue Lime Rock Park, owned by the legendary Skip Barber, and sports car racing circuit, the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) for a limited edition driving shirt worthy of the fastest cars and tightest lines. To mark the launch of the THDR driving shirt, we partnered with Seize sur Vingt for a block party at their Soho storefront by lining the street with some of the world’s most eye-catching cars.


Lining the streets of Soho with vintage Porsches, racetrack champions and the latest from Lamborghini is sure to draw a crowd. Auto enthusiasts, creatives and fashion professionals flocked to Seize sur Vingt’s spacious storefront to mingle with decorated race car drivers and check out the latest in quality clothing. A driving simulator, used for training by professional drivers, gave insight into the difficulty of driving the world’s fastest cars at their limits. The block party and release of the THDR driving shirt coincided with the ALMS visit to Connecticut’s Lime Rock Park racetrack. In its 55+ year history, the track has seen countless legendary drivers take to its curves with speed and grace, including the late and great Paul Newman.


Seize sur Vingt aims to make the highest quality men’s and women’s shirting, suits and now accessories both custom-tailored and ready to wear. All of the company’s garments are produced in Italy, England and Portugal by skilled craftspersons in Old World style. The THDR driving shirt is laden with special features and remarkable attention to detail to keep you looking sharp even as you push into the red at Lime Rock Park.

seize-sur-vingt-lime-rock-park-detail1.jpg seize-sur-vingt-lime-rock-park-detail2.jpg

A breast pocket positioned on the right-hand side allows for easy access even when buckled in. Meanwhile a sunglass loop positioned just high enough above the pocket is a perfect place to store your shades and keep them at the ready for when a glare kicks up. Digging through pants pockets, or bags, when driving can be not only cumbersome but dangerous. Seize sur Vingt added a subtle hip-pocket—also easily accessed through a seatbelt—perfect for a smartphone or notepad. Aside from looking great with its chambray-like texture and ALMS 2013 LRM embroidery, the shirt is constructed from a lightweight cotton, keeping you fresh even at high speeds.

The THDR special edition driving shirt is available from Seize sur Vingt by special order, for $180. Check out the slideshow for a closer look at the cars behind this sartorially-inclined event.

Photos by Nara Shin, product images courtesy of Seize sur Vingt