Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The history of petty theft, fire graffiti, American Le Mans cars and more in our weekly survey of the web


1. Mass Modern Auction

Nearly 500 modern designs from Alvar Aalto to Sori Yanagi will go up for sale at Wright’s final spring auction in Chicago on 9 July 2011. With no set reserves, you might just get lucky.

2. Rainbow Flag Redesign

The design team at Worldstudio recently took on the task of modifying the widespread symbol of gay solidarity, updating the rainbow stripes in an attempt to redefine the image for today and to make it specific to the movement.

3. Zimoun

Swiss artist Zimoun uses cardboard boxes, cotton balls, plastic bags, filler wire, motors and ventilators to create amazing interactive sound installations.

4. Natural Beauty

Applying 365 layers of makeup over the course of nine hours, Dutch directors Lernert & Sander give model Hannelore Knuts an absurdly “natural” makeover for an entertaining short film on beauty.


5. The Steal

Get your sticky fingers on this new book by Rachel Shteir, “The Steal: A Cultural History of Shoplifting,” which delves into the cultural phenomenon of petty theft.

6. American Le Mans Series

Seize sur Vingt will turn its NYC shop and Green Street location into an impressive display of racing and exotic cars (Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus and more), hosting Lime Rock Park’s American Le Mans series on 5 July 2011.

7. MoviePass

New HTML5 app, MoviePass, offers unlimited movies in the theatre for just $50 per month. A private beta launch is now operating in 21 theaters throughout SF’s Bay Area, and has already been in operation in NYC.

8. Russian Graffiti Portraits

On the walls of an abandoned WWII hospital in Yekaterinburg, Russia, street artist T-Radya creates poignant portraits of fallen Russian WWII soldiers by assembling bandages on wooden boards and then setting them on fire.