Raeburn Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection


We had the fortunate opportunity to get a glimpse of Raeburn Design's debut of their Autumn/Winter 2009 womenswear collection, which thankfully offers plenty more of their renowned high-end jackets constructed from re-deployed parachutes and military fabrics. Even with carefully considered details like a shower-proof zip front and wind-resistant pockets to keep you going in rainy conditions, more severe weather calls for denser gear. For this, Raeburn has duplicated each of the silk parachute jackets in pure black British wool.

RCA grads and brothers, the "ethically intelligent" garments are all produced in Raeburns' East London studio, where they strive to design collections that perfectly address the needs and concerns of the contemporary city dweller.

Their online store is still a work in progress, but until then you can contact them directly to purchase.