Refinery29: Fit to Print


When it comes to fashion, it's often necessary to search far and wide to find the most dynamic designers and stores. With Ivana Helsinki, a designer from Finland whose clothing is based around bold, monochromatic prints, the journey is long but rewarding. Much like Sweden and Denmark have been a focal point of modern industrial design, Finland has been leading the way for textiles for much of the past century. Ivana Helsinki continues this legacy by releasing a new batch of hand-drawn, single-subject prints each season. Using unusual imagery, the prints awaken everything from shirts and bikinis to bags, and even bedding. Additionally, Ivan Helsinki's products uphold ethical, progressive standards and everything is made by hand using no chemical dyes or animal by-products. Lucky for you, Ivana Helsinki's stuff is now available in the U.S. so you can save yourself the trek—we believe in suffering for fashion but we draw the line at Finland.