Rittenhouse x Mackintosh Trench Coat


A new collaboration between Australian-based label Rittenhouse and Mackintosh of Scotland merges the Sydney-based designers' street smart designs and slick graphics with Mackintosh's traditional rubberized cotton trench. The result, launching this month, is the reinvigoration of the classic coat with a hand-printed detachable wool-flannel liner in Rittenhouse's signature "checkers" design, a celebration of each labels' individual styles that gives new breath to an old standby. "We only wanted to accentuate the strengths of the two brands and marry them without interfering with any of the characteristics of each," Sally MacDonald and Micah Hamdorf of Rittenhouse says. Available for both men and women in fawn and navy, these coats are a good reason to look forward to covering up.

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by Andi Teran