Named for a famous square in Philadelphia, the Australian brand Rittenhouse often grabs my attention as I fumble through racks at local shops. The label is the work of designer Sally McDonald and graphic artist Micah Handorf, both of who worked for PAM and Stussy—the aesthetic bent is evident in the Rittenhouse designs.

Using quality fabrics and subtle details (that still pack a punch), the Rittenhouse range includes comfy and well-designed clothing—cardigans and t-shirts to sweaters and hoodies. Most pieces are fairly plain but the design-duo also specializes in textiles and prints. Colors are deep and super saturated, especially this season's blue which mimics an indigo-type dye. Entirely manufactured in Australia, Rittenhouse offers only a few choice selections each season and I want every one.


Look out for Rittenhouse in your local top-end independent boutiques or online at Oi Polloi.

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