Tuleh Rugs


by Tisha Leung

Fashion house Tuleh enters the home design arena for the first time with the impressive debut of their rug line, which they showcased during the recent New York Fashion Week. Collaborating with the legendary Italian rug maker Roubini, designer Bryan Bradley's latest venture is much like his clothing—quirky downtown patterns mixed with uptown luxury fabrics.

The 21 seductive patterns, all adapted from Tuleh's fashion archives, make for great wall art as well as compelling floor decor. One of the more clever interpretations of the original garment uses a pattern made by photocopying a blouse from Tuleh's 2009 Resort collection. The result, wrinkles and all, is a mashed up composition of flowers and polka dots. A series of mod girls draw on Bradley's sketches from previous seasons that never made it onto runway—until now.


Roubini, known for hand-knotted silk and wool rugs for powerhouses like Missoni and Versace, has found the perfect match for their stateside expansion. Tuleh’s fearless use of print and color provides endless possibilities to show off the manufacturer's capabilities.


The Tuleh collection will be added to the Roubini site soon, until then call +1 212 696 4648 for information. Prices start at $1,500.

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