Sunclipse by ABC Carpet & Home

The new winter 2015 collection of silk rugs woven in India focuses on a subdued chaos of colors


To fully exhibit the multidimensional beauty of their new Sunclipse silk rugs—a collection inspired by the “convergence of the sun and the horizon”—ABC Carpet & Home placed the rugs and runners in the historic Fort Totten for an advertising campaign. The former Civil War-era fort in Queens, NY provided an atypical backdrop for the shimmering rugs that seem as if they are interacting with natural light. Each carpet in the collection is one of a kind and woven in India from hand-spun recycled sari silk. The experimental dyeing process—part of the reason why it takes up to a year to complete each rug—results in a subdued chaos of colors.


“This campaign is especially interesting because in reality these carpets would never be in this sort of environment, but in the end they look as if they belong there—it’s as if this fort, this concrete structure, was made for these rugs,” says photographer Jason Madara. What’s certain is, if these rugs look this marvelous in an abandoned, crumbling military base, just imagine how stellar they would look on the floor of a well-thought out living room.

The Sunclipse rugs and silk runners are available from ABC Carpet & Home’s website.

Images courtesy of ABC Carpet & Home