Sarpeneva Korona K3 Red Moon


One of Finland's most exclusive mechanical watchmaking companies, Sarpaneva, recently introduced the Korona K3 Red Moon. Featuring a red-hued moon phase indicator—reminiscent of the Harvest Moon typically seen in Europe this time of year—it's a fitting watch to be released just in time for Halloween.

Different than the Sarpaneva models currently available, this one features a black, DLC-treated case combined with an 18-carat red gold moon phase indication, marking the first use of red gold within the Sarpaneva collection.

Founder, Stepan Sarpaneva comments, "People ask me where the idea came from for the Korona dial, and it is a typical story for me. One night really late, walking home with my friends, the Moon was full and bright and shining on the circular, open worked and rusty iron gratings that surround the base of the trees on the street near my home. For some reason those details just popped into my head and stayed there…That’s how the dial of the Korona series was formed—just a passing glance at something that you normally see every single day—but somehow never really notice.â€

The watch is priced around $11,000 and you can continue reading about it at Watchismo.