Self Edge x Toyo Enterprises: SEXT11 Jungle Cloth Jeans

Soft, sturdy and weatherproof pants made from U.S. Navy spec materials.

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Sometimes timing is everything. I walked into Self Edge as these beauties were being unpacked, and was fortunate enough to get the first pair. Like most Sugar Canes and Self Edge collaborations the beauty is in the details.

sc_jc_01.jpg sc_jc_02.jpg

Based on the specs used by the U.S. Navy during from the 1920s to the 1950s, Toyo has recreated the Jungle Cloth to its original specs. Woven in Japan, it is 100% cotton, grosgrain woven, soft yet sturdy and weatherproof. From their Satokibi denim-lined pockets to twill seam lining and hidden rivets, the details are subtle and comfortable. Combined with their slim (but not too slim) cut these Sugar Cane x Self Edge branded beauties may just be the new jean-cut “khakis” of reference.

Perfection doesn’t come inexpensively in this case. The limited edition SEXT11 Jungle Cloth jeans run $345 are available at Self Edge’s San Francisco store and online.

Photos by Sidney Lo