Self Edge New York


San Francisco denim mecca Self Edge will be peddling their pure quality goods at a new location in the heart of NYC's Lower East Side beginning 24 July 2009. Known by denim heads around the world, Self Edge offers authentic Japanese selvedge jeans—at times joining forces with denim connoisseurs, like for their recent Self Edge x Dry Bones x Superfuture Community Denim collaboration.

Owner Kiya Babzani answered a few questions for CH about the upcoming boutique and the beautifully crafted denim found within it. For an in-depth look at Self Edge, be sure to check out our Rough Cut video on their San Francisco shop.

What's the address? Why that location?
One fifty-seven Orchard at Rivington, right between BBlessing and Reed Space. We thought the Lower East Side was perfect for us, exactly the type of neighborhood which we feel comfortable in, it has it's similarities to the Mission District, where Self Edge San Francisco is and we enjoy that.


How big is the space and will the vibe/decor be like the SF location?
The space is about 25% larger than SESF, but the vibe and look will be similar—a very comfortable boutique where we welcome clients to come in, sit down and hang out for a while. It's a place where people can come and learn about vintage styling manufacturing processes and really see what the Japanese have achieved in reproducing some of the long lost styles of garment design and manufacturing.

What about product line? Same as San Francisco?
Same as SESF but we're adding Joe McCoy's and Ande Whall. We'll also have a fuller representation of Flat Head, Real Japan Blues and 3sixteen, carrying things that we never brought in at SESF. In addition we're bringing in some Self Edge New York exclusive products starting with a couple of items from MFSC.

Why NYC? Why now?
We wanted to open another Self Edge and Los Angeles was on our mind, then the right opportunity came up in New York with the owners of 3sixteen taking part in the store. We think between the two entities we can bring something fresh to New York, a very purist view of denim and vintage style garments from the Japanese point of view, with purist being the key word.

Does this mean we get to see you in our fair city more often?
I'll definitely be making the cross country trip quite often, something which I used to do about ten years ago when I lived in between SF and NY for a couple of years. I'm older now and not looking forward to traveling back and forth but it'll be quite worth it in the end, especially if New York's reaction is as good as the Bay Area's was to SESF.

Self Edge New York
157 Orchard Street
NYC, NY 10002 map

Self Edge San Francisco
714 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110 map